The Manifesto Launch at the Labour Party Conference on 28th September 2016

Please look at our first draft of the Manifesto, written by the Steering Committee prior to the launch at the Labour Party Conference on Wednesday, 28th September, 2016 in Liverpool.

Discussion at the official launch was highly positive, most helpful and much appreciated…

There will be an opportunity to comment and engage at grass-roots level in the next few months for everyone, as the Manifesto is informed by LP members across the country.

John McDonnell has been working with us, the Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto Steering Committee, from the start to develop a manifesto – which, now launched will be shortly rolled-out to all the grassroots members across the country, to give your opinions, inform through their own experiences and ideas, engaging the membership at grass-roots level and upwards, to then produce a final draft which will be put to the Party with the hopeful aim of adoption as official LP policy.

Why Neurodiverse rather than Neurodivergent? Tempting though it certainly was, Neurodivergence is about ‘us’ rather than everyone embraced by the term ‘Neurodiverse’: we are all neurodiverse, we all think and see the world slightly differently.

Completely based on the social model, we strive to ensure that we all have a ‘level playing-field’ to enable everyone to reach their full potential, to study and work together and to build on everyone’s strengths: unique set of skills, knowledge, ideas, interests and make full contributions to society.

Difference is a key concept.

Including Neurodivergent people in the decision-making process is vital:

‘Nothing about us without us’









2 thoughts on “The Manifesto Launch at the Labour Party Conference on 28th September 2016

  1. Great to be at the launch last week and so good of John to come! I will forward the site to the organisations that deal with autism here in Richmond and Twickenham. Would you please change the date of the launch on the page to 2016, at the moment it says 216.

    Best wishes,


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    1. So glad you were there – John McDonnell did the draft Manifesto (and us all) proud!
      Thanks for spreading the word… and for letting me know about the correct millenium: the joy of ND 🙂
      Best wishes annie


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