Videos of the Launch: John McDonnell (video 2)

The official Launch of the Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto at the LP Conference in September 2016: a wonderful moment, and there followed an excellent Launch discussion, so thank you everyone!

These videos were taken at the Launch by a member of the Steering Group with a mobile phone (apologies for the shaky cam).

Please note that this is not the first video of the Launch: am trying hard to post Video 1 (Introduction and John McDonnell 1), and will re-arrange / post as and when the tech lets me!

If you have any queries, comments or ideas, please post or go to our Facebook open discussion page:


We want everyone to engage with this / have a say in how the draft Manifesto develops. Already we are drafting changes, to make sure that the full range of neurodiversity / neurodivergence is explicitly stated, to make sure this is as inclusive and holistic, person centred and identity-first as is possible!

Any queries / ideas / suggested changes, please just post on our website or fb page.   Thank you for getting involved. 🙂

All videos copyright: by Annie Morris, 28th September 2016

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