Thank you for attending our Manifesto event at Labour Party Conference

We are delighted to have been joined by MPs John McDonnell, Emma Lewell-Buck, Debbie Abrahams and Barry Sheerman at the Autism Neurodiversity Manifesto Steering Group event on 26th September, Labour Party Conference.

The room was filled by our passionate speeches and discussions as we rolled out our Manifesto to a Government in waiting. The Labour Party response was tremendously positive: John McDonnell demonstrated clearly that Labour has embraced the concept and has the political will to make this happen!

A special mention to Emma Lewell-Buck who as a dyspraxic MP, gave an amazing speech and then unfortunately  underpinned her message by falling from the stage and breaking her wrist! 🤕 It is literally the small things that trip us up. Much dyspraxic empathy and good wishes to Emma for a speedy recovery. 🤗

Whilst I  did audio record the event, if anyone has a video clip or photos of the Manifesto event that you are happy for posting onto this site, please can you email me, Annie Morris, at:

Thank you so much.

Do join the facebook discussion on our fb page: Labour Party Autism Neurodiversity Manifesto

Everything about us with us! 😊





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