Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto: Model Motion for Labour Party Branches

To help us spread knowledge of and build support for our Manifesto, please propose a motion supporting it to your Labour Party branch.

Below is a model motion – you can use it exactly as it is or change it to suit your branch.

If you would like any advice on how to submit a motion, please contact Janine Booth

Please also let Janine know when your branch passes the motion. Thank you.

Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto

We welcome the drafting of a specific Labour Manifesto on Autism/Neurodiversity.

We note that this process has been overseen by a team of neurodivergent Labour Party members and supporters convened by John McDonnell MP and has had input from trade unions and campaign groups.

We note that autistic, dyslexic, and dyspraxic people, and people with attention deficit disorders, Tourette’s, obsessive-compulsive disorders and other neurodivergent conditions experience a great deal of hostility, distress and disadvantage in our society, and that strong Labour policies on this issue can make a real difference to people’s lives.

We support the draft Manifesto’s core principles of the social model of disability; the neurodiversity approach; opposition to austerity; socialism, democracy and solidarity; and ‘nothing about us without us’.

We welcome the Manifesto’s policies, including commitments to stop and reverse cuts to services; provide access to diagnosis/recognition for all; fund and organise education to meet neurodiverse needs; place a legal requirement on employers to make workplaces and working conditions more equal and accessible and less hostile; and add ‘neurological status’ as a tenth protected characteristic under the Equality Act.

We urge the Labour Party to adopt this Manifesto as its policy and to campaign vigorously to promote it.

Further, we welcome the launch of Neurodivergent Labour on 9 February 2019, and will publicise and support the development of this much-needed new organisation.

We resolve to help with its set-up expenses up to a maximum of £x [please insert a figure, depending on your branch/constituency party’s finance].

We resolve to invite a speaker from the Neurodivergent Labour Manifesto Group to a future meeting.


Neurodivergent Labour: Launch Decisions

The launch meeting of Neurodivergent Labour took the following decisions to enable the establishment of the new organisation. Each was proposed and debated, and several amendments were made and some rejected before the final decisions were taken.

Organisation and Name
We agree to found an organisation with the name ‘Neurodivergent Labour’.

Neurodivergent Labour aims to develop socialist policy on neurological diversity; to win support for Labour among neurodivergent people and their supporters; to campaign against discrimination, exclusion, oppression and injustice and for equality for neurodivergent people; to provide support to neurodivergent Labour Party members who are experiencing discrimination; and to work to make the Labour Party more accessible to its neurodiverse membership.
We endorse the Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto and will campaign for its implementation by a Labour government. We look forward to deciding at a future time that the term ‘neurodiversity’ is widely-enough understood to rename the document the Labour Party Neurodiversity Manifesto.

We believe that humanity is neurologically diverse; different people have different ways of thinking and understanding the world. Developmental conditions including ADHD, dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and others are neurological differences.
We want neurodiversity to be accepted and celebrated, and oppose the assumption that non-typical neurologies (neurodivergent conditions) need to be prevented, suppressed or ‘cured’.
We accept that conditions such as these are natural forms of neurodiversity and that neurodivergent individuals will have strengths which stem from their neurotype(s) but will face unnecessary barriers to education, employment and independent living if unsupported.
Neurodivergent people are at risk of developing additional mental health issues as they try to navigate neurotypical environments and search for acceptance, but neurodivergent conditions are not in themselves mental health conditions.

Full membership of Neurodivergent Labour is open to individual Labour Party members who are neurodivergent (diagnosed, seeking diagnosis or self-identified).
Neurodivergent people who believe that they have been unfairly excluded from Labour Party membership may discuss their situation with the Organising Group.
The founding AGM will decide any additional membership categories (eg supporters, organisations) and subscription rates. Until then, as an interim, neurodivergent people may join without charge.

Founding AGM
We agree to hold a founding Annual General Meeting open to all Neurodivergent Labour members before the end of 2019, which will adopt a full constitution; debate and decide policies; and elect officers and representatives.

Volunteer groups
At this meeting, we welcomed volunteers for two groups:
• an Organising Group to arrange the founding Annual General Meeting, draft a constitution and set up membership; and
• a Manifesto Group to promote our Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto and its policies.
We agreed to elect a convenor for each of these two groups. We elected Austin Harney as convenor of the Organising Group and Janine Booth as the convenor of the Manifesto Group.

See the Facebook page: Neurodivergent Labour

Meeting with Labour MPs & the Labour Party Autism Neurodiversity Manifesto Steering Group on 22nd January 2019

Labour MPs (including John McDonnell, Thelma Walker, Ian Austin and Emma Lewell-Buck) met with the Steering Group on 22nd January 2019 in discussions to forward the Manifesto.

Many thanks indeed to all who contacted their own Labour MP, asking them to attend / view the Manifesto & its Appendix on ABA, using the information below:


We are writing to you to give background information and to update you with progress – and, importantly, to ask you to further support this crucial work.

In April 2016, two neurodivergent activists, Monique Craine and Janine Booth, proposed to the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, that the Labour Party draft an Autism/Neurodiversity Manifesto and take steps to appoint a Shadow Minister for Neurodiversity. John agreed, and asked Monique and Janine to put together a Steering Group of neurodivergent people of all ages, background and neurotypes to oversee the drafting of this manifesto.

Since then, thousands of autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic and otherwise neurodivergent people, our allies and labour movement activists have supported the development of a Labour Party Autism/Neurodiversity Manifesto.

From all of us in the Labour Party Autism/Neurodiversity Manifesto Steering Group, we would like to thank everybody who has helped us in creating and spreading the word about this manifesto.

This is an historic moment: the Labour Party is the first major political party to have drawn up a Neurodiversity Manifesto; and also the first to directly consult neurodivergent people and organisations in order to set its policies.

With your help, the Labour Party could be the first political party to adopt this manifesto as policy, which would be a major step in advancing the rights of neurodivergent people.

By helping us, you can make history.

Since 2016 we have undertaken many activities. Here is a summary:

We have assisted with raising this issue in the General Election 2017. This resulted in an historic first for a major political party as the Labour Party Manifesto promised to use the social model, work towards an ‘autism-friendly’ society and promote neurodiversity in the workplace and elsewhere. We have consulted trades unions, Constituency Labour Parties and branches, neurodivergent people and organisations on the drafts of the LPAND Manifesto

We have set up a website ( and a public Facebook page, ‘Labour Party Autism/Neurodiversity Manifesto’, which now has over 1,200 followers.

We have reached out to campaigners, students, neurodivergent researchers and academics across the UK and beyond, given talks to organisations, conferences and trade unions.

We have included sessions about the LPAND Manifesto in trade union courses about neurodiversity, and input ideas generated by these into the document

We have hosted a Fringe meeting at each Labour Party Party Conference since 2016 – firstly, in 2016, to launch the first draft LPAND Manifesto; in 2017 to engage Labour and the neurodivergent community with the Manifesto principles and ideas for the future; and this year, 2018, when we brought the final version to delegates and where John McDonnell committed the next Labour Government to implementing the Manifesto principles. (video clips on our website)

We have commissioned and adopted an Appendix on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), two ‘therapies’ that many neurodivergent people believe to be harmful and abusive

We have undertaken preparatory work ready to establish ‘Neurodivergent Labour’ – a new, democratic organisation for neurodivergent Labour Party members – on 9th February 2019.

We have produced the final Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto and, in November 2018, formally presented this Manifesto to the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell.

What now:

John McDonnell will host a briefing event for Labour MPs, at which Steering Group members will explain the LPAND manifesto and answer questions.

This will be followed by further discussions with Shadow Cabinet members about policy details.

Consideration will be given to the appointment of a Shadow Neurodiversity Minister.

The Steering Group are planning and convening the launch of ‘Neurodivergent Labour’ on 9th February 2019 

What we are asking you to do:

We need as many Labour MPs as possible to attend the Labour Party’s Briefing Event about its Autism/Neurodiversity Manifesto on 22nd January 2019, 5.00pm – 6.00pm in the NSCR, Houses of Parliament.

Please invite your Labour MP to attend this briefing.

(If you don’t know who your MP is, please go to and enter your postcode)

A template letter is provided below for your use.

Nothing about us without us,

The Labour Party Autism/Neurodiversity Manifesto Steering Group


Template letter for writing to MPs

[Your name & address]

[MP’s name]


Dear [MP’s name],

I am writing to ask you to attend the Labour Party’s briefing event about its Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto on Tuesday 22nd January in the NSCR, Houses of Parliament at 5.00pm – 6.00pm.

The Manifesto is the result of a two-year consultation process convened by a steering group comprised of neurodivergent people (who are autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic, ADHD / and with other atypical neurological developmental conditions), who are trade unionists, Labour Party members, academics, students and others. This process has produced a set of radical and inspiring policies which if implemented, will transform and improve the quality of life for all neurodivergent people.

Millions of people in the UK are either neurodivergent or close to someone who is. But neurodivergent people experience systematic discrimination and their* needs are neglected. When neurodivergent people are discussed, it is often other people talking about them*, rather than their* own voices being heard.

The Labour Party is the first major political party in the UK to directly involve neurodivergent people in drawing up a Neurodiversity Manifesto. This is an exciting development which I and many other Labour Party members and your constituents would like you to actively support.

By attending the briefing event, you can find out more about this, ask any questions that you may have, and show your support.

[If you wish, add your own question which you would like asked and/or personal reasons why this is important to you here.]

You can read the Manifesto and Appendix by clicking on this link:

Best wishes,

[Your name]

* Please feel free to use us/our rather than them/their if you are neurodivergent.

Thank you 🙂

The Launch of Neurodivergent Labour: Tickets are Sold Out!

We (i.e. a handful of Steering Group members who are organising the launch of the new organisation ‘ Neurodivergent Labour‘) are delighted to let you know that the launch of Neurodivergent Labour on 9th February is sold out!

This is an exciting development for all Labour Party members who are neurodivergent.

Following on from the successful development of a Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto, and in response to calls from many Labour members, we are setting up a new society within the Labour Party; Neurodivergent Labour.

All Labour Party members who are Neurodivergent are welcome to attend the launch meeting of Neurodivergent Labour. This new organisation aims to represent Autistic, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic and Dyscalculic people, and people with ADD (with or without Hyperactivity), Tourette’s or other developmental atypical neurological conditions.

We aim for this society to be democratically run by neurodivergent people for neurodivergent people, to make our voices heard in the Labour Party and wider society.

During this meeting we will agree on the main principles and structure of this organisation, in preparation for a founding AGM later in 2019.

Entry is by ticket only. There are no more tickets available, as there is a long waiting list.

The Diskus conference room is in the basement of the Unite building, with access via a lift and accessible lavatories on ground floor.

Link to the Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto & Appendix on ABA:

Labour Party Conference 2018: Speeches by John McDonnell, Steering Group members & guest speakers: Video & website links

Link to: LPAND Draft Manifesto V3 June 2018

Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto Steering Group Event,
Labour Party Conference 25th September 2018

Hello, everyone
Here are some more video recordings of speeches given at our Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Steering Group Event at the Labour Party Conference, 25th September 2018 by:

1.  John McDonnell MP (Shadow Chancellor) – the full speech – at our Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Steering Group Event at the Labour Party Conference, 25th September 2018

Video Link*:

Here, you can see that he commits the next Labour Government to implementing the Manifesto principles. Hooray!


2. Thelma Walker, MP (PPS to John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor’s Office) &

3. Austin Harney (Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto Steering Group Secretary / PCS Union officer)

Video Link,combined*: ser4IQGtzpfflSl6PRos_flqNbKz5MWfqSuZjMOnKJUbxBF68 


4.  Guest speaker Richard Reiser (World of Inclusion) at our Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Steering Group Event at the Labour Party Conference, 25th September 2018.

Video Link*:


5. Janine Booth, Co-Chair, LPAND Manifesto Steering Group, speaking on the Five Principles of the Manifesto at our Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Steering Group Event at the Labour Party Conference, 25th September 2018.


NB:  The speech by Emma Dalmayne (guest speaker) to be posted shortly.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the process so far.

The speeches are also being posted, bit by bit, on our Facebook page: Labour Party Autism Neurodiversity Manifesto.

We are now planning to formally present the Manifesto to John McDonnell and move forward.**

**(Update: presented, November 2018. The Steering Group will be meeting with John McDonnell and Labour MPs on 22nd January 2019 in Parliament to discuss and further the Manifesto’s progress)

Please watch this space…

Best wishes, annie (Annie Morris, Co-Chair Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Steering Group) & the rest of the Steering Group

Everything about us, with us 🙂

*All videos copyright of Annie Morris 2018

John McDonnell speaking at our Event, Labour Conference 28/09/2018

Here is a short clip of John McDonnell’s speech at our Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Steering Group event at the Labour Party Conference on 25th September 2018

In it, he expresses full commitment to implementing the Manifesto by the next Labour Government!
Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who is part of the process.
Will post up more videos from the event one by one, asap, as soon as they are converted.
More info, plus the Manifesto, on the Facebook group ‘Labour Party Autism Neurodiversity Manifesto’.
Best wishes, annie 🙂
Everything about us, with us.

Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Steering Group Event at the Labour Party Conference 2018: further details

Hello, everyone

We are holding another Labour Party Conference Event this year. We are going to go back and build upon the huge success of our Event at the 2017 Labour Party Conference.



Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 5pm – 7pm, The ACC, Concourse Room 1, Liverpool

Event Schedule 
5.00pm Annie Morris (Chair): Welcome & Introductions

5.02pm John McDonnell, MP (or Thelma Walker, MP, STT): Introduction to the Event

5.05pm John McDonnell, MP: the need for the Manifesto & Appendix & moves toward Labour adoption & its policies as a Govt-in-waiting

5.15pm Richard Reiser: SEND, disability rights & the impact on adults

5.25pm Janine Booth: The Manifesto final draft, 2018: the main principles

5.35pm Annie Morris: The Manifesto Appendix on ABA therapies & link to

5.40pm Emma Dalmayne: The Manifesto / Appendix & their potential impact in preventing harm (therapies & ‘cures’) to the autistic community – followed by a 5-mins


5.55pm Austin Harney: The implications of the Manifesto for the workplace

6.05pm Mark Serwotka: The role of the TUC & Unions in implementing the Manifesto

6.15pm Annie Morris – Group Discussion*: In small groups to discuss practical ideas, barriers & solutions.

6.35pm Annie Morris: Plenary feedback / discussion / Q&A / actions

6.55pm John McDonnell (or Thelma Walker, MP, STT): Closing remarks.

7.00pm – Close.